The Importance of New Car Comparison Shopping

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Why you should compare new cars, side-by-side, to find your perfect ride

Today, car buyers have tons of choices when it comes to new cars.  From hundreds of different makes and models, to different body styles, optional equipment, features and capabilities, finding a car that fits your lifestyle, your needs and your budget has never been easier.  Because of the myriad of new car choices available, side-by-side new car comparisons have become an essential part of the car buying process.  Below, we offer information about new car comparisons, including how they work, why they're important and how they benefit car buyers.

How New Car Comparisons Work

Many automotive websites on the Internet today offer tools that enable you to compare new cars, side-by-side, in real time.  Most of the tools use similar interfaces allowing you to select a starting car from which to compare others. Once you've selected the year, make, model and trim of the car you'd like to compare, you're able to select additional cars based on year, make, model and trim to compare against the first.

Information about each vehicle is populated into a side-by-side spreadsheet allowing you to compare each car's specific characteristics and features against the next.  Data such as price, powertrain specifications, size, chassis information and warranty coverage is provided, along with things such as full color pictures and total ownership costs.

If you're unsure about the cars to compare, many of these websites offer information about cars that are compared the most among consumers, not only by make and model but by body style categories too.

Why New Car Comparisons are Important

Because there are hundreds of new cars available on the market today, new car comparisons are helpful in narrowing down your choices based on the attributes you find most important, including the number of people you need to accommodate, the type of driving you do, the features and equipment that interest you most and your overall budget. 

What's more, new car comparisons can provide you with information you might not have been familiar with, such as how much it costs to own a specific vehicle over its lifetime, EPA fuel economy estimates, dealer invoice pricing and more.

Finally, by cross-comparing new cars, you may find similar makes and models with the features you want at more affordable prices than the new cars on your initial prospect list. 

How New Car Comparisons Benefit Car Buyers

Just like every person is different, car buyers are different too, with different needs and wants when it comes to the new car they own and drive.  If price is important, compare MSRP, dealer invoice and total ownership costs to find the cars that best meet your budget. If roominess is important, compare shoulder room, leg room, hip room, length, height and wheelbase specs.  If warranty coverage is important, compare guarantees, including basic coverage, powertrain coverage, corrosion coverage — even perks like roadside assistance and travel interruption benefits.  

In short, new car comparisons give buyers the opportunity to weigh the features they find most important online, side-by-side, from the convenience of their home or office, and to narrow down those choices to find the perfect new car. 

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