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Help save the planet by greening your ride with these daily driving tips

Our environment has undoubtedly suffered over the years from the damaging effects of internal combustion engines found in conventional cars.  While advancements such as more fuel efficient, cleaning burning engines have helped protect and preserve our earth's natural resources and our atmosphere, we still have a long way to go. In this section, we outline daily driving tips to help you green your ride and save the planet.

Avoid excessive, unnecessary mileage

Driving excessive, unnecessary miles not only increases fuel consumption, it increases the amount of emissions released into the atmosphere.  Whenever possible, carpool or telecommute to work, use public transportation such as buses, trains and subways, bike short distances versus driving, and combine multiple short trips, like errands and shopping, into one longer trip.

Don't let your engine idle for long

While older cars typically need to warm up by idling for a period of time before being driven, the majority of today's new cars don't need a 'warm-up'.  Excessive idling creates increased emissions while consuming more fuel in the process.  If you can help it, don't let your car's engine idle for long.

Don't put the pedal to the metal

Bad driving behaviors — such as excessive speeds, aggressive acceleration and frequent braking — not only waste fuel, they create increased emissions which contribute to air pollution.  In fact, you can reduce your carbon emissions by as much as 20% simply by driving at slower speeds.  Green your ride by obeying the speed limit, easing up on the gas and accelerating and braking gradually. 

Go with the flow, don't stop and go

Whenever possible, avoid rush hour and traffic-congested roadways.  Stop and go driving burns increased amounts of fuel, which, in turn, taps our natural resources and pollutes the air. Drive at off peak hours to green your ride.  By timing it right to avoid congested roadways, you can save money at the pump while saving the planet in the process.

Avoid 'topping off' at the pump

Believe it or not, gasoline spillage caused by topping off at the pump evaporates into the atmosphere and contributes to harmful smog.  It's always a good rule of thumb to be cautious at the pump since fossil fuels like gasoline and diesel are both poisonous and flammable, in addition to being bad for the environment.

By doing our part, one green driving tip at a time, we can help preserve our natural resources while protecting our environment — and our wallets — in the process.

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