Five Simple Steps to Finding a Great New Car

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How to buy a new car you love at a price you like

Buying a big ticket item such as a new car can bring big headaches.  If you don't know what you're doing, you could get taken for a ride.  In this section, we highlight five simple steps to help you buy the car you love at a price you like. 

Step 1:  Research new car information

When it comes to buying a new car, there's a lot you should do before you visit your local dealer.  The Internet is a great shopping tool to research body styles, interior room, color choices, optional equipment information, towing and hauling capacities, new car test drives and expert reviews.  Use this information to develop a list of your top new car prospects. Let's add a link to new car information in the autos site.

Step 2:  Shop around for a great car at a great price

Compare new car prices and availability by searching online inventory at dealerships in your area. Check ads on the Internet and in circulars to see if any dealers are offering special savings programs and discounts for the cars you're interested in buying and be sure to research whether or not there are any manufacturer incentives and rebates being offered as well.  List ads or link here to this information in the autos site.

Step 3:  Consider special orders

If you can't find your perfect new car on local dealer lots, consider having it ordered.  Even though you'll have to wait, you won't have to settle for colors or options you don't want.  It's best to avoid buyer's remorse by finding the exact car you want versus settling for a less than perfect car simply because it's in stock. 

Step 4:  Take a test drive

Test drive the top new car prospects on your list at local dealerships or rental car agencies.  During the test drive process, get in and around the vehicle and examine it closely to be sure you're pleased with the features you find most important.  Drive on city streets and highways to get a broader perspective of its handling. Pay attention to characteristics such as comfort, acceleration, noise, braking and steering. 

Step 5:  Submit a purchase request

Submit a new car purchase request online to multiple dealers in your area.  Dealers will check their inventory to determine if they have the vehicle you're interested in buying and they will email you or call you with a price quote, depending on your contact preference.  Be sure to take detailed notes and keep track of the information you receive from each dealer.  Even though they might not have your exact vehicle in stock, they may be able to locate it elsewhere, or have it special ordered from the manufacturer.  Link in here were makes sense and appropriate.

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