That's Not a Good Sign

Speed limit road sign

Slow and steady wins the race

College is an exciting prospect for any high school graduate, and William, LendingTree Autos’ sales intern, had spent the whole summer waiting to head off to campus. The soon-to-be college freshman was destined for the University of Arizona and the only thing separating him from the best four years of his life was 1,600 miles of open road. The plan was for William to and his mom to drive across the country from their home in Nashville, TN to Tuscon, AZ. Nothing like a little road trip, right?

The first day of driving went by quickly. The duo stopped in Dallas for the night and got up early the next morning, ready to hit the highway. Only a few minutes after William pulled onto the freeway, he noticed an interesting road sign. 

In all capital letters, the rectangular sign warned: “SPEED MONITORED BY AIRCRAFT. SLOW DOWN.” The warning seemed legitimate enough, but to William, policemen who monitored traffic by plane sounded like something from a science fiction movie. 

William’s confusion over the sign was interrupted when his mom asked him to grab a box of Wheat Thins from the back of the car — they were just out of reach from her seat on the passenger side. He leaned back to grab the box and turned his eyes back to the road just in time to see a Texas State Trooper roaring across the median. His heart sank as he glanced at his speedometer, saw the cop’s flashing lights and realized he was in trouble. 

William pulled off onto the shoulder as the intimidating patrolman walked up to the window. 

“Son, I need you to see you at the rear of the vehicle,” he said sternly. 

William didn’t think twice about following his instructions and walked to the back of his car. He sat nervously on the bumper of his Nissan Xterra waiting for the verdict. 

As the police officer returned from his patrol car, William couldn’t help but notice that this guy looked more like an army drill sergeant than a friendly protector of the Texas highways.

"Didn’t you see the sign back there?” the policeman demanded. Before William could stutter an apology, the officer handed him a citation.

Disappointed and a little shaken up, William walked back to the car. This certainly wouldn’t be the highlight of his road trip. 

As soon as William and his mom made it to Arizona, William called the court clerk about the speeding ticket. In his many years of driving, he had never received so much as a warning, and he was worried that his auto insurance rates would spike.

Luckily, the woman on the phone sympathized with this broke college kid and offered to reduce his offense. Instead of a permanent mark on his license, William got a six-month probation for driving in the state of Texas. 

This wasn’t a problem for William — he was not planning on returning to the lone star state anytime soon.

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